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Lord of Water

For the life of this universe, there have been a chosen few who have taken the responsibility of its growth and
creation to ensure that a stable environment has been provided for the phenomena and interaction of life force
beings that have chosen to take their journey through time and into this arena.

Lord of Water.

With the continual lives and billions and trillions of other amazing life forms, there were just a few stable
agreements that had to, no matter what the cost, stay in place so that these dynamics could continue their
creation and achieve the purpose of their goals.

Balance, Energy, Space, Water, Thermal Star Heat, Biological Entities and Atmosphere to just name a few are the
main stable requirements for this universe and its various sectors. It began as a light joke that each of these
responsible beings would be the Lords of protection. Lord of Balance, Lord of Energy, Great Thermal Lord of Suns
and as we follow the adventures of our dedicated warrior in this grand adventure, we meet Lord Of Water.

His responsibility has been named as preservation, calibration and protection of water planets of this universe.
A simple and rewarding task, but as he has found upon the landing on these various precious planets he continually
finds himself faced with dark beings that somehow penetrated their way into this universe wreaking havoc and
destroying the lives and creations of all about them including themselves.

This adventure is no exception. A peaceful and precious planet, blessed with the flourishing growth of a luscious
global rainforest covering and amazing wild life forms, what appears to be a gorgeous environment of tranquillity
and nirvana is once again being insidiously infiltrated with plans for a global unbalancing by yet another hidden
being of evil motive and plans.

How can a Lord living as a mere mortal and with the youth and playfulness that he has grown so fond off overcome
unknown and threatening forces with light years of advanced technology, with little more than his cunning and the
natural forces of this planet as his aid?

Travel the journey through the eyes of our Lord Of Water as he once again is faced with incomprehensible evil. In a land where the unspoken word says all and generations of good clan deserve to prevail and live in harmony for so many more generations to come.

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The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

Lord of Water Chapter 1

I generally take about 16 to 17 years before I start getting busy stabilizing the water resources and ensuring
that the regenerative cycles of the planet are secure and all checked-out that it will continue to pulse for
another 50 Million year cycle before it will be due for recalibration if needed.

Lord of Water.

Planets like this one are a gift and I have allowed myself a little holiday time with my partner to enjoy
the pleasure of this stable little gem before getting busy on my purpose of being here. A place like this is so
easy to forget what I am here for.

Well! Purpose is calling so I’d better get busy. It’s been a pretty chilled out 25 years anyway.

First task is to locate the pod. Some basic recall and I will be able to locate the dimension points always used
for an anchored location on a planet. Always based on the central equator mark of the longest day, internal
orbit closest to the sun. I am mostly fortunate enough to find the pod above water. Not this time. Some unknown
distance under the sea it is pinned to the first peace of the crust and will not release until it is
correctly calibrated. But how am I going to figure out getting to the bottom of the ocean at this spot with no
technology other than rubbing two sticks together on this planet. Well! Maybe not quite that bad,

This is always the tricky point. “Explaining” or more so enlightening my partner why I am here and the impossible
task that lies behind my purpose. We’ve really started to settle into each other and the idea of just settling
into a family and playing a leadership role in our contented tropical community is very inviting.

Very nice, but this will definitely get me into big trouble later on and possibly leave me with the almost
impossible task of trying to unravel my recall should I have to again assume a mortal body and then have to
figure it all out once again. I have it crisp and clear so now is the time.

Mila comes in with a huge quiver of assorted fish and a basket of seafood goodies. Look at her! She is so
beautiful. Her warm eyes cover me as she communicates the deliciousness of the feast we are about to share
without a spoken word. Maybe during dinner is a good time to tell her. So I get busy helping with the

“Did you get these from the middle reef Babe?” “Sure did.” “It seems the more fish we take from this spot the
more there are that come in to take their place.” “Not really sure what it is. I think that we should leave
this spot alone for a few weeks and just see what happens there. This reef is so good to us that I really want
to make sure that we don’t upset its natural cycle in any way.” “I totally agree Babe. There are plenty of other
spots and there are some nice wild squealers fattening up after last Spring.” “Cool!”

“Is it ok if I tell you something pretty important tonight Babe? Over Dinner?” “Tell me now if you like.” “Oh!
It’s cool, let’s finish cooking up this feast and we can relax and go over what I’ve got to tell you” “Ooh!
Sounds pretty serious to me.” “Yeh yeh, ok! A little bit, but I am sure you are never surprised to what comes
out of my mouth.” “OK! Dinner it is.”

“So what is this “BIG” subject that you want to talk about?” “You want a bit more lobster?” “Come on “Oh Great
One!” What is it?” “Well you know that we are a spirit right?” “Yeh” “And you sort of figure that I’m not really
from this place, right?” “Yeh, well that’s not to hard to figure out. Your definitely different” Laya laughs at
me as she normally does about my little idialities. “So what is it you are trying to tell me?”

“I actually came here with a purpose.” “Yeh! To give me something to laugh at!” We both laugh. “I have an almost
impossible task to do. In fact I think that with what I have to work with it may very well be impossible. But I
have to do it.” “God! What are you talking about? Can you spit it out? Your starting to spook me just a little
and you know that you can trust me with whatever you say, right?” “Yep.” “That’s right. So what is it boy?”

Thirteen trillion years ago an agreement was made that if we are going to go ahead and put this universe into
place then there are certain responsibilities that go along with playing such a game. A physical universe filled
with life contains specific key balancing components that keep its ability to sustain life. In order to prevent
a chaotic turmoil of death and baron spaces filling the potential void of infinity and trapping beautiful beings
in rock or suspended in space, unknowing of how to get out and unable to pick up a body because all of the
planets are dead.

The potential for space and life is infinitive, but the potential for mass solar system destabilization has a
potential to trapping billions of peaceful beings in loss and timeless amnesia. “you want some more shrimp and
vlos babe?” “sure”. Leya inserts a small pause in my talk for more comfort and then settles back down with a
strong interest and a slightly cheeky smile. “So keep going babe. You’ve got me ok!”

Now, at this time the council was formed and the magnitude of the different tasks was set out before us. It is
truly recognized that the immersion of spiritual beings has an infinite potential. But as we create the space in
which to create in and be our dynamics, so comes the responsibility of stabilization and insurance of environment
by a key few.

These key tasks include anchor point stabilization and distancing, heat and thermal star longevity, entity
planning and programming, potential freedom of evolution and among the final other tasks the one that was
assigned to me for this sector of the universe was stabilization and protection for water planets.

It started as a bit of a joke that we took on our different names. God of anchorage. Warrior of heat, chief
overlord of the fifth galaxy among others and for me “Lord of water” I know that this is a bit of a godly title
and did only start out as a game, but for me to win this game each time around, each and every time, I have had
to truly take on and wear the job that is Lord of Water.

This planet is so beautiful and truly has settled into a beautiful cycle of life. But I know should I not do my
task correctly or quickly, no matter what it takes, what could seem like a breath in the
universe could splay this planet like a drop of splattered water and start a chain reaction that will unbalance
this whole sector of the universe and leave us with a vastness of waste and frozen death that could take billions
of years to unravel.

“Ok, Babe! So what do you have to do? “There’s a lot to tell.” “ok, so lets have a quick clean up, you help Mr
Lazy bones “Lord of Water” and then we can have some mill tea and continue.”

“ok ok! I got it” I got busy and really made sure I did all of my tasks to perfection before we settled back
down, gotta keep the girl happy to keep her interested.”

“all right “Mr Lord of Water” what you gotta do?” Each water planet has be strategically positioned in balancing,
but not too close, locations about each of the universal sectors. It actually gives the apparency of rarity of
water of these water planets, when in actual fact they are in abundance and are well intact more than what is
needed to sustain an unimaginable quantity of life and dynamic interaction.

The reason for distancing these at
what appears to be too far or too few is that of protection and time possibly needed to stop the destruction of
any and the effect that will chain react across to the others in such a time. If any global wars were about to break
out or technology reaches a critical level with the power to fry the whole planet, the one thing that is more
likely to hold it together more than anything else is the agreement that the planet is such a precious thing
and “probably the centre of the universe”, then all will join forces to protect it and clean it up before it is
pushed over the edge.

It hasn’t happened in my sector yet, but I sure have had some very close calls.

Should it happen and some famine and war stricken planets have come close, this is not actually the final stage.
But should it happen there sure is a swab pool to clean up and a long wait for the beings of the planet, that is
those that hang around for there to again be bodies acceptable for occupation of a sentient being.

Mila was looking at me with total intent. She knows what I am saying is truth, look at her. She is so gorgeous.
How could I have doubted that she would understand what I have to share?

She didn’t say a word. I knew that she wanted her question answered and that of what I had not even worked out
how in this world I was going to achieve. “So what do you have to do?” not a word. I had tried on many occasions to
not answer her questions, but now it is just a knowingness between us. When Mila asks a question an answer will
be given.

Can this mere mortal girl even comprehend the danger and demand that will be placed upon her if she chooses
to follow her man or just try to keep up.

Lord of Water Chapter 2.

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

Lord of Water Chapter 2

Mila sat up as if suddenly startled from the edge of sleep. She looked at me lying there awake and said " Show me."
I understand what you have to do, so how are you going to be strong enough to make it right?

Lord of Water.

I led her to the bathroom and started to fill the sink with water. I know that it normally takes a few years to
orient myself and to rehabilitate my power of water, but it gets stronger each time I exercise this ability.

As the sink filled I turned off the tap and placed both hands in and cupped them together. I opened them out flat
and lifted them slowly. The water formed up around my hands and I just lifted the large blob of water into the air.
I weilded it into lovely swirling forms and just played with the motion and changing forms.

I suddenly noticed Mila's stunned gaze in the mirror and started to laugh. The water fell to the sink and splashed
all over the two of us. Mila screamed in hysterics and we both just stood there laughing at each other for another
five minutes.

Mila tried to talk, but just kept bursting out with laughter. So I threw a dry towel at her and went out to get some
cold drinks for us both. Mila drank and smiled and chuckled and drank some more, just shaking her head in either
disbeleif or amazement.

She then asked "How much can you do with this? And what else can you do?" "Well, it get stronger the more I work
with it. It is sort of an effortless thing. The harder I try or more serious I get, the less it seems to work and
it actually makes me feel tired. But if I just enjoy the motion and play with it, it feels like I could make a
tidal wave or something. It just feels so easy. I am not really sure how far it can go. I think that its totally up
to me. Kind of cool hey?"

Mila walked over to me smiling and just climbed onto me. I walked back to the bedroom with her wrapped around me
like a little spider monkey and we both snuggled falling into deep sleep.

The next morning I woke to the sound of a busy house. Mila was cooking breakfast and seemed to be busy with
cleaning and rearranging stuff all over the place. I strolled out and asked "What's happening?" Mila looked at me
in the way that she does to make me feel like an idiot and said "Come on! Get busy. We can't do what has to be done
just loafing around here! Can we?"

We spent the next week packing up the place and organising for Mila's sister to watch over our place as our journey
began. We spent some time with our family saying good bye. This sure is the place that we'll come home to when
all the work's done.

We travelled across the peninsula to the port ways of the water people. After a good nights sleep at a friendly
bed and breakfast, we walked through the fish market and into the moorings. This is a busy port and the strong
oily smell of the fish market carried with it an industry of many millenia.

We turned out to the second main jetty and looked down the line of long, swift draw boats. Dozens of proud
water spirits sweyed and motioned with the light ebb and flow of the swell seeping into the bay. The generation
of the water people is all expressed right here in the essence of these glorious lengths of pride. A draw boat
pulls its energy and speed from the motion of the swell and is somehow able to hold this energy for calmer, easy

We walked about a third of the way along the wharf and out strolled a young master of the sea. He gave us a warm
smile and gently said "I'm pleased that you've finally arrived. I've been waiting quite a while now. We sure do
have a long way to go."

Mila and I looked at each other in amazement. How could this guy have any idea about anything?

Have Mila and our young lord been lead into some type of trap? Or is this young sea master the key to the start of
an amazing journey. The tides will tell. Read on to follow the journey.

Lord of Water Chapter 3.

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

Lord of Water Chapter 3

I hadn't really paid much attention to the industry of the ocean and had only read about it and covered the subject
in study. This life had been a bit of a rest for this lord of water so far.

Lord of Water.

Drawings from text really don't, or can't, illustrate the power and magnetism of the ocean. As the Draw Boats all
swayed and arched together I could suddenly see the life of these long spirited gallions. All poised together in
the quiet movement of the bay.

Gary guided us through the draw boat that was soon to become our champion and defender as we strike our journey
into an adventure that poses possibly more than this well equiped and seasoned weapon of the sea can face up to.

Her name is Hi-Sun. She will care for you with great effection, calm your sole as she slicks her shape across our
journey and she will fight to the end to match the spirit of any storm Mother Ocean may place across our path. We
will go now to the markets to complete our stocks, for our journey begins before the evening falls. Our lady sun
set is the path we follow and we'll chase her into the stary skies.

Mila was smiling and so was I. Hi-Sun felt magnificent. Warm and trusting and a feeling of strength with confidence
or loyalty or just some touching wavelength I am unable to find a word for. She isn't the biggest or most modern of
the many others lined up and ready, but she radiated some type of wisedom that had already made her our own.

"So we have a rhyming fisherman" Mila giggled with a wisper. "I am sure that the mildest of days will become the
dramatic ocean tales and timeless legend of many generations to come."

She was still smiling. Me as well. We followed Gary's two trusty deck hands into the markets and assisted with the
stock along with a few choices of our own. Our two cheaky deck hands, Stewy and Fran, would dissappear at the
slightest turn of a head and then be there at our sides with other mystical and strange supplies piling up on our

"Everyone here looks like they are about to burst out laughing." Said Mila "I feel it too and I know I could just
suddenly burst out laughing. But I don't have to and nobody else actually is. It feels amazing."

I just smiled and I didn't need to say a word for Mila to fully know what I had said. The only way I can explain
the tone of this place is total cheekiness. This is a timeless, strong community and with the architecture and feel
of the townscape, has been here for many many milleniums past.

I knew with certainty that Gary, his Hi-Sun and our two cheeky deck hands, that I had chosen well. It wasn't clear
to me yet why I needed this tool, but one thing was certain. My direction was out and beyond the setting sun. I now
had the partnership that could take me one step closer to my life purpose task at hand.


Our youthful and still as yet innocent
Lord of Water
was right in his observation. The people of the bay were exceptional. Their community and value
was that of milleniums beforehand with an inground culture and a balanced moral code.

In fact, this is all that he had observed. A peaceful water planet with family, community, industry and a sense of
value for the spirit of man. The lands of the sphere are all in abundance with international trade, respect and
competition truely in the spirit of play. Nothing more that a few local young bucks testing each others strength
on a Friday night after a few ales being the heaviest concern of the law.

In such an oasis, what else could there be need for? And was it really necessary for our Lord of Water to check
it over to protect this precious resource? These "should" be peaceful times and a future with no "threat" in sight.

Will this journey be a simple task? This is what our Lord of Water is wishing for.

Lord of Water Chapter 4.

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

Lord of Water Chapter 4

A gentle still calmed over the whole bay. The only movement was that of the swell and tide dissipating into the
bay. Dozens of draw boats lifted together on the peaks of the swell and settling back into the troughs.

Lord of Water.

They all appreared poised and ready to jump at the sound of a starting gun. But with no sails or a trace of
mechanical engine, there was no visual way to see what drove these sleek spitits of the sea. Each and every one of
them looked set for speed and endurance, but unless you had seen one of them in action, you wouldn't have any idea
of how they drive the power of the sea.

I had read about them in text and held some interest in the power that they hold, but shortly was to be the time
we slide through the heads and drive through the swell out and beyond the horizon.

Gary and our two cheaky deck hands spent the next half hour straightening up the supply area and ensuring our
quarters were in order. We had all that we needed. Hopefully! Gary threw out orders with Stewy and Fran dancing all
over Hi-Sun carrying out dozens of rapid tasks like little lightning beavers.

Gary held us both in his gaze and assured us that there was nothing needed for us to do. His warm smile gave us
confidence, but also an air of excitement and exhilaration with what we were about to experience. He gave a last
orders call to Stewy and Fran, then giggled to himself with his own sense of pleasure.

"All in" Gary called out and on the tip of his command, Hi-Sun lifted and curved through her middle and we drove
straight off and smoothly away from the wharf. The lifting motion and thrust forward felt absolutely incredible.
Mila and I both lost it and laughed together with excitement. "Wow! What an incredible feeling of motion." Mila
just smiled and smiled.

Gary was riding Hi-Sun from the drive deck. He held two control rods in his hand and was timing smoothly with the
rythme of the light swell in the bay. Hi-Su drew long easy turns toward the heads and within what seemed like
seconds, we were thrusting past the heads and hitting long sleek strides directly through the larger ocean swell.

An initial feeling of slight fear combined with exhilaration filled us both, but we were reasurred by Gary, Stewy
and Fran as the three of them just went about there tasks. Our speed miltiplied and the land behind us just
dissappeared within minutes. Gary carved the bow and length of Hi-Sun at an optimum angle taking the highed
advantage of the clean lines of ocean swell.

Why we were not driving up and down with the peaks and troughs of the waves at first confused me. Then I suddenly
realised that we were lifted out of the water and our hull was steadily placed on top of a lower driving mechanism.
Gary could read my question and he waved for me to come across to the starboard side and look down to the clear
blue water underneath. Below us I could see a sleek motionfull length somewhat like that of an eel. It was bending
and driving and holding the line of power as it passed through each rising swell. We were structured above her
middle section of which somehow was holding a clean driving line.

We may as well have been gliding of the back of an albatros. We were fast and felt like we could out run anything
imaginable to travel the water tops of this great ocean. Lady sun though was way to fast. The last dusk of orange
glow turned into clean sparkling night with a deep cluster of stary universes stretched out far and wide.

"Now we eat" called Gary. Somehow and completely unnoticed to Mila and myself, Stewy and Fran had prepared a
feast for our eyes. We ate and laughed and ate plenty more. Gary gave his orders to sleep, "for tommorrow always
brings more that we are ready for. You will need your energy. I will need your assistance so if you thought you were
along for a pleasure cruise, I am sorry to have led you astray. Sleep now my youthful adventurers. Stewy and Fran
will have breakfast a plenty for you in the morn.

Gary checked the drive of Hi-Sun and then assured that we had all that was needed to set down for the night. Mila
and I just snuggled in and dreamed off to the smooth speed of Hi-Sun.

The peaceful skies showed nothing ahead other than clean sailing. What could this tiny and unarmed team be heading
for. Tommorrow is a new day.

Chapter 5

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

Lord of Water Chapter 5

"Can you feel the pressure change out here? Now we have life and some real power driving our keel." Gary looked
like he hadn't moved from his post. I felt like I had only just closed my eyes, but the sun was well up.

Lord of Water.

"Don't worry my young adventurer, Hi-Sun always has that effect on our newbies." Gary laughed and gestured me to
come to the deck. Mila still slept like an angel. "Come and feel the speed my friend. We are carving an excellent
run and should be able to keep it running.

As I stepped to the deck I could feel an incredible power through the air. Ahead of us lay line after line of
horizon to horizon swell. They stacked up all the way back and beyond the horizon in our path. We were cutting into
these lines at just the slightest angle but now the height and span between peaks had risen to an overwelming
magnitude. Somehow we were still gliding on that same even plane, but I had to hold the timbers for I felt swayed
and falling.

"Take a look below now young man. We have friends that joined our journey some time through the night." This
time I took the port side and gripped even tighter. We had somehow grown taller with our driving keel now multiple
lengths below us. Hi-Sun had just naturally telescoped exactly to the height needed to pass over the high swells
and maintain a steady plain.

Below us we had a strong school of dorsal pilots gliding at the wve length of our driving wake. The water just bulging
out from either side giving them a cushion of energy as they steered on their free ride.

"Why have they joined us?" "I'm not really sure young friend. It has been a custom since the dawn of the draw
boats. Some say they were created our protectors, but I can't imagine what they did before the ride of our time. I
am sure that they have been for eons before us. Perhaps it is only now that they have it so easy to play and
express their talents on this free and easy ride.

It sure was an amazing sight to see them below us carressing and drifting in our wake. With them I could feel some
type of protection. Although multiple lengths below us, I could see the faces of each of them looking up at me.
Each of them seemed to introduce themself to me and then roll over for the next to take their turn.

"It's quite ok!" said Gary. "They are saying hello to you and I can feel that there is something just a little bit
different with you on board young man. You can tell me all about it, but only when you are ready. The right time of
this journey will always come to your mind."

As I calmed down, so did the overwelming power of the sea. Hi-Sun was drawing a lovely long line as if she knew
exactly where we were bound. "I am not really sure who is driving this boat Gary. Hi-Sun seems to be the spirit
in control of our destiny, but you stand there at her helm." Gary looked at me and smiled. I felt that he was
telling me 'I know what you know and Hi-Sun knows as well and we are all working with you.' He smiled again and
then gestured to my quarters. "Young Mila is waking up my Lord. You may have to assist her for I
feel she may be a little more fragile at leg than yourself."

He called me "Lord" I thought to myself.

I stepped into our quarters and Mile lay on her side with her georgeous eyes on me and a relaxed warm smile.

Mila and I spend one of the most amazing days of our lives together. Our Dorsal Pilots all introduced themselves
to her one at a time, rolling under to let the next one take his time. Surprising to us all she took to the sea
with no surprises and seemed to lift herself into a new state of woman. We joked and played and feasted as
our appetites had risen to the occasion. Below us our company was growing with new members of the Dorsals
introducing themselves to us through the day. Each one unique in their own way.

Stewy and Fran joined us as the day progressed after a long night at the helm. As we found out, that would be
their shift to guide us through the night to push the progress of our journey. What was ahead of us, I would think
of tommorrow for today was the grandest day of my life.

Lord of Water
is awakening and coming to terms with what he has at hand. Also with the power of the ocean.
How will he and his light friendly crew overcome the task at hand.

Lord of Water - Chapter 6

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

Lord of Water Chapter 6

"This day has been the most amazing experience of my life" I told Gary. The ocean is a thousand times more
powerful and abundant that I ever could have imagined and already I completely feel a part of it. Gary just smiled
at me which his warm acknowledging eyes.

Lord of Water.

"The night will fall soon and we will dine under the wonder of a trillion stars." Gary spoke with warm excitement.
"Stewy and Fran! Time to prepare an ocean feast fit for our Lord and his lady."

"Well "my lord"" Spoke Mila. "Perhaps there is time for romance and adventure on this journey of such an important
task." She smiled at me very warmly and turned to the front of Hi-Sun to gaze into the direction of our drive.

"What is it about this 'Lord' business that I am suddenly being called by everyone." I thought to myself. The more
I travelled with Gary, the more I felt he completely knew what had landed us here on his Draw Boat. Perhaps tonight
we could find time to talk a bit more and see if he actually was taking me seriously or just if this was the way
that he made all of his customers feel.

Lady Sun once again set out ahead of us and we chased her tail into the horizon as she slipped away for another
night. The stars thickened and thickened and over Gary's shoulder a long tailed falling star traced it's descent
down and over the horizon. "We have a second moon joining us tonight my young travellers. She will be up later in
the evening and will dull the stars some what. So until she comes, enjoy the stars as they glow.

Stewy and Fran brought their kitchen hot plates to the deck and lay out the food for an open dinner. Fran then
lifted and brought across a quiver of large fresh fish all strung together. "I didn't see you pick those up at
the markets Fran." Fran just gestured to the ocean many lengths below the deck of our Hi-Sun. Somehow either Stewy
or Fran had managed to hook onto some fresh fish without any of us even noticing.

"Perhaps tommorrow you can show me how to catch fish from such a high level. It should be fun." Gary laughed and
said "don't take too many, for Stewy and Fran both take very highly to the value of their work." "Would one or two
be ok with you Fran?" Fran smiled and seemed to acknowledge that it would be fine. "So tommorrow it is!" I

We laughed and feasted and laughed some more with Stewy and Fran giving us raucous entertainment of dances and
crazy clown play enactments. Mile laughed and joined in with a jig of her own. We all settled as our second moon
hit the horizon and suddenly seemed to place a lowered feel into the skies above us. I caught Gary as he seemed
to have a slightly disturbed look upon his face looking up at an angle above and into the heavens. He then caught
my stare.

"It is an evening worthy of your presence my Lord. Our second moon truely is a mass of magnitude. I sometimes
wonder how we manage to keep her in our orbit."

I looked at the location of Gary's concerned concentration, but was unable to notice any difference in the skies
and heavenly bodies above our heads. Gary looked at me again and then started to speak. "I think that you have some
questions for me my young Lord and I for you. Would you like to make a start?"

Mila came to sit beside me and took my leg around her arm, resting her head.

"You call me Young Lord. I know that you are a man of the ocean and I love your speach of rhyme. But I feel there
is something familiar and expected about the way you have taken us aboard."

Gary sat still for a long while and even smiled at Mila and myself several times nodding in agreement to my
question. I seemed to have asked him exactly the right thing. Gary called to Fran for his pipe and Fran rapidly
served him with a fine timber casing. Gary carefully selected his smoking leaf and ground it gently into his pipe.
He lit the pipe and continued to smile and nod his head in agreement.

"The legend has passed from generation to generation and has gone on to be no more than a lost tail. My mother
was a lady of the spiritual order and I loved her so dearly as she was my true guide and guardian. She was
protector of the book of legend which has been carried for longer that our records are able to show. She instilled
within my learnings that there are moments of which duty just comes about. They mostly go unnoticed by the masses,
but they are as reel to existance and the survival of our planet as the air we breathe.

When this moment comes along, you will know it. Do not doubt for an instant for what you feel is absolutely real
and it is that beleif in life and your ability to perceive of which cannot be ignored. To do so could be the end
of you in more ways than you could possible imagine and the effect of such ignorance spreads it's ramifications
far and wide. So do not at any time ignore the knowingness that you have for it is as real as I stand here before
you now."

She told me "'You are gifted my son in more ways than you can ever imagine and when the time comes for you to
fulfill your duty and responsibility of who you are, you will know. You will know.'"

My mother and love of my life passed on not too long ago. But I have not forgotten for even one moment that the
day would come and I knew with certainty that I would know.

She was right. I woke early yesterday morn and placed my hand on Hi-Sun to assure her that she was ready too. Mila
and yourself walked straight through the many unchartered draw boats. The drivers of them all just seemed to fall
into a timeless silence and you both came straight to my guide. I know what I see my Lord and I am here as your
guide and protector. My Hi-Sun and cheerful crew may not be much, but he are devoted to your purpose and will die
before we see anything come before you."

Gary sat back and relaxed into his deck chair with his pipe. He looked satisfied that he had answered me complete
and now without having to say a word I received his question of what it was that I was here to do.

"I am Lord of Water. My duty is to calibrate and protect all water planets across this sector of the universe.
The preciousness of such is all that is able to sustain life. For without water there is neither life nor an
atmosphere that is suitable to breath. There are many, but they are far apart. For this universe is vast and the
dead masses in their abundance make them appear but few.

I have lost none and would die forever before even one could be raped of its precious resourse. Each one an
incredible jewel and source of life in abundance with magical beauty. My reward is a lifetime and fun as we
have had today. But the chore must and has to be carried out. For without calibration, this planet may tip or even
lay open the threat from not so friendly parasitical forces.

We must find her highest point. The Apex of the longest day, pointed high and open to the sun. For there lays the
pod. How it works, I will remmember when I can once again sight her control. And once set, this wonderful
water planet will lay protected for another million rotations
around the sun. If I am late but one day, she could be found and the risk of her being broken, raped or stolen is
as high a stake as every man, woman, child and every living creature on this planet. But the ramifications also
reach further than this planet and would start an unbalancing across all water planets of this sector.

I feel that we are well on time with our once again calibration, but until I see the face of the pod, I will only
then know that all is ok or what has to be done. For when my work is complete, it is back to fun and frolicking
with my lady and now I feel I have gained some new life long friends."

Chapter 7.

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water