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Lord of Water Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - On The Deck.

Lord of Water.

Our Main Dorsal drove hard straight to the surface. It was a retreat for all dorsals. He drove straight though all of the slicer sharks and leaving the deep sea black entities far behind. The light intensified as the moon was now moving off the eclipse of the sun.

Gary, Mila, Stewy and Fran both looked down intently as the main dorsal drove directly up towards them. He struck the ocean surface and soared straight up to the sides of Hi-Sun. He slowed down level with the side deck and leaned over the rail. He opened his mouth and limp but alive our Lord of Water spilled out of his mouth and landed as gently as possible onto the deck. All four ran across to cradle him.

Our main dorsal turned back to the ocean and again pearced into the surface. He drove down deep to take care of his dorsal team and smash aside any other slicer sharks that may be causing trouble. He was at his highest guard and alertness as he too was very surprised at these black evil entities of which he had never come across before in all of the oceans.

Stewy and Fran had blankets, towels and aids about our Lord of Water before Gary had even uttered a word. Our Lord of Water lay on his side. He was ok, but just staired into his own thoughts while he cleared his breath. He then sat up and looked at both Mila and Gary. With his attention now on Gary, he asked the one question: "What was it you saw in the skies back on that night. You saw something and it unsettled you. What happened back there?"

Gary sighed and lowered his head. "I know the stars my young lord. I live my life by them. They are my guide. That first night of our journey, there was a missing patch, as if covered by some type of blanket or blocked by some floating mass in the skies. It was only for a moment, I know my guiding stars and I saw what I saw. I looked away and back and then it was gone. But it was there and I have never seen a block in the stars in all my days."

Our young lord took in what Gary said and then re-assured him. "Raise your head Gary. You saw what you saw and I completely trust what you say. But you did not put that mass up there in the skies. The Pod is locked in now as we have company and we are forced to deal with it. I have sent in for a cleaner, but this will not arrive for another half of the year.

So our journey continues and I guess my dear Mila, our loafing time together will have to wait. But I tell you both, now we are alive and we are fighting for the survival of more than this planet. What you saw that night may be more evil that any of us are able to comprehend. It's purpose is only that of raping and maroudering the resources of this planet. But we have life on our side. And with such strong purpose and reason, I know that we will protect and save the eternal future of this precious
water planet.

So smile my dear freinds. We thought that today our journey would be over. But it has only just begun and as for this task I already knew the way, for what is ahead of us I have no idea nor experience of how we are going to acheive the goal of this mission. Today we are all fine. So let's feast and enjoy the skies of this wonderous eclipse, for tommorrow our journey to the outer slingshot of our winter orbit begins."

Our team sat together in celebration of life and the beginning of a journey into a mission of
continuing life. Below the Dorsal Pilots were all in tact and themselves appeared vibrant of the action from such a day. Together they had formed a spiritual allegiance and as one they began a journey of hope and freedom.

The continuing life of all rests upon the shoulders of our Lord of Water and his small but loyal and mighty team. Follow our Lord of Water in a battle of epic proportions. Against all odds and against such evil technology, unimaginable to the lives of our dear friends.

Follow te journey of our Lord of Water.

Warmly, Mike King.

Copyright 2008. Author Mike King

The ultimate Drinking Water!

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