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Lord of Water Chapter 5

"Can you feel the pressure change out here? Now we have life and some real power driving our keel." Gary looked
like he hadn't moved from his post. I felt like I had only just closed my eyes, but the sun was well up.

Lord of Water.

"Don't worry my young adventurer, Hi-Sun always has that effect on our newbies." Gary laughed and gestured me to
come to the deck. Mila still slept like an angel. "Come and feel the speed my friend. We are carving an excellent
run and should be able to keep it running.

As I stepped to the deck I could feel an incredible power through the air. Ahead of us lay line after line of
horizon to horizon swell. They stacked up all the way back and beyond the horizon in our path. We were cutting into
these lines at just the slightest angle but now the height and span between peaks had risen to an overwelming
magnitude. Somehow we were still gliding on that same even plane, but I had to hold the timbers for I felt swayed
and falling.

"Take a look below now young man. We have friends that joined our journey some time through the night." This
time I took the port side and gripped even tighter. We had somehow grown taller with our driving keel now multiple
lengths below us. Hi-Sun had just naturally telescoped exactly to the height needed to pass over the high swells
and maintain a steady plain.

Below us we had a strong school of dorsal pilots gliding at the wve length of our driving wake. The water just bulging
out from either side giving them a cushion of energy as they steered on their free ride.

"Why have they joined us?" "I'm not really sure young friend. It has been a custom since the dawn of the draw
boats. Some say they were created our protectors, but I can't imagine what they did before the ride of our time. I
am sure that they have been for eons before us. Perhaps it is only now that they have it so easy to play and
express their talents on this free and easy ride.

It sure was an amazing sight to see them below us carressing and drifting in our wake. With them I could feel some
type of protection. Although multiple lengths below us, I could see the faces of each of them looking up at me.
Each of them seemed to introduce themself to me and then roll over for the next to take their turn.

"It's quite ok!" said Gary. "They are saying hello to you and I can feel that there is something just a little bit
different with you on board young man. You can tell me all about it, but only when you are ready. The right time of
this journey will always come to your mind."

As I calmed down, so did the overwelming power of the sea. Hi-Sun was drawing a lovely long line as if she knew
exactly where we were bound. "I am not really sure who is driving this boat Gary. Hi-Sun seems to be the spirit
in control of our destiny, but you stand there at her helm." Gary looked at me and smiled. I felt that he was
telling me 'I know what you know and Hi-Sun knows as well and we are all working with you.' He smiled again and
then gestured to my quarters. "Young Mila is waking up my Lord. You may have to assist her for I
feel she may be a little more fragile at leg than yourself."

He called me "Lord" I thought to myself.

I stepped into our quarters and Mile lay on her side with her georgeous eyes on me and a relaxed warm smile.

Mila and I spend one of the most amazing days of our lives together. Our Dorsal Pilots all introduced themselves
to her one at a time, rolling under to let the next one take his time. Surprising to us all she took to the sea
with no surprises and seemed to lift herself into a new state of woman. We joked and played and feasted as
our appetites had risen to the occasion. Below us our company was growing with new members of the Dorsals
introducing themselves to us through the day. Each one unique in their own way.

Stewy and Fran joined us as the day progressed after a long night at the helm. As we found out, that would be
their shift to guide us through the night to push the progress of our journey. What was ahead of us, I would think
of tommorrow for today was the grandest day of my life.

Lord of Water
is awakening and coming to terms with what he has at hand. Also with the power of the ocean.
How will he and his light friendly crew overcome the task at hand.

Lord of Water - Chapter 6

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

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