Friday, February 20, 2009

Lord of Water Chapter 10

Lord of Water.

I had been working on larger and larger amounts of water to move and mould as this is the only tool that I have
to acheive my goal. I had been turning small amounts of water at a distance. Lifting and holding small caps of
water above the surface that appeared to be no more than small wind blown white caps on the surface of the ocean
below us, but I knew my ability was growing, lifting larger and larger caps above the ocean's surface.

I now asked my main dorsal pilot to work with me and he turned in agreement looking up to me. I formed an arrow
shaped air pocket just above him. My main dorsal rose to it and captured the water formed arrow on top of his
upper back. I held the formation in place for him and it became a part of him.

I could clearly see the air encapulated within the arrow and he was able to move about freely with the air arrow
lighty hugged above him. I asked him now to take it deeper and see how well it could withstand the distance and
pressure. He slowly turned towards the lower depths and it held beautifully. Then as he began to penetrate the
deeper blue, the arrow dissolved into a mist of tiny bubbles. Hmm! Let's try again.

We ran this through three more times, but each ended with the spear head dissolving into bubbles every time my
Dorsal Pilot reached the deeper blue water. I now tried smaller and smaller arrows and was able to one after the
other acheive deeper depths. I was at first trying to achieve depth and then I realised that I was able to just
generate the air pockets at will. It was nothing to do with distance so much, but as to what I am able to generate
where I am.

I smiled deeply and then lifted a large swirling spool of water just for fun. I can now generate water at will and
have regained the pleasure and excitement of my purpose in life. I am Lord of Water. I have power and dominance
over water. I am protector of water planets in this sector of the universe. Tommorrow I will take the first steps
into the ocean to reach the high point of this planet and secure the water stability for another One Million Years.

My Dorcal Leader dived high and long into the air many lengths above the water's surface. He landed with perfect
grace and carved back into the surface again, turning and taking place in his formation of what now I knew were
my mightly warriors. I had forgotten where I was and looked up to find Gary had been with me for I don't know how
long. He just gleamed at me a said "Wicked". "It looks liked you have found you space my Lord."

Lord of Water
now back in his native abilities and ready for the days to follow.

Follow our Lord of Water into the adventures of
Chapter 11

Copyright 2008. Author Mike King

The ultimate Drinking Water!

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