Friday, February 20, 2009

Lord of Water Chapter 4

A gentle still calmed over the whole bay. The only movement was that of the swell and tide dissipating into the
bay. Dozens of draw boats lifted together on the peaks of the swell and settling back into the troughs.

Lord of Water.

They all appreared poised and ready to jump at the sound of a starting gun. But with no sails or a trace of
mechanical engine, there was no visual way to see what drove these sleek spitits of the sea. Each and every one of
them looked set for speed and endurance, but unless you had seen one of them in action, you wouldn't have any idea
of how they drive the power of the sea.

I had read about them in text and held some interest in the power that they hold, but shortly was to be the time
we slide through the heads and drive through the swell out and beyond the horizon.

Gary and our two cheaky deck hands spent the next half hour straightening up the supply area and ensuring our
quarters were in order. We had all that we needed. Hopefully! Gary threw out orders with Stewy and Fran dancing all
over Hi-Sun carrying out dozens of rapid tasks like little lightning beavers.

Gary held us both in his gaze and assured us that there was nothing needed for us to do. His warm smile gave us
confidence, but also an air of excitement and exhilaration with what we were about to experience. He gave a last
orders call to Stewy and Fran, then giggled to himself with his own sense of pleasure.

"All in" Gary called out and on the tip of his command, Hi-Sun lifted and curved through her middle and we drove
straight off and smoothly away from the wharf. The lifting motion and thrust forward felt absolutely incredible.
Mila and I both lost it and laughed together with excitement. "Wow! What an incredible feeling of motion." Mila
just smiled and smiled.

Gary was riding Hi-Sun from the drive deck. He held two control rods in his hand and was timing smoothly with the
rythme of the light swell in the bay. Hi-Su drew long easy turns toward the heads and within what seemed like
seconds, we were thrusting past the heads and hitting long sleek strides directly through the larger ocean swell.

An initial feeling of slight fear combined with exhilaration filled us both, but we were reasurred by Gary, Stewy
and Fran as the three of them just went about there tasks. Our speed miltiplied and the land behind us just
dissappeared within minutes. Gary carved the bow and length of Hi-Sun at an optimum angle taking the highed
advantage of the clean lines of ocean swell.

Why we were not driving up and down with the peaks and troughs of the waves at first confused me. Then I suddenly
realised that we were lifted out of the water and our hull was steadily placed on top of a lower driving mechanism.
Gary could read my question and he waved for me to come across to the starboard side and look down to the clear
blue water underneath. Below us I could see a sleek motionfull length somewhat like that of an eel. It was bending
and driving and holding the line of power as it passed through each rising swell. We were structured above her
middle section of which somehow was holding a clean driving line.

We may as well have been gliding of the back of an albatros. We were fast and felt like we could out run anything
imaginable to travel the water tops of this great ocean. Lady sun though was way to fast. The last dusk of orange
glow turned into clean sparkling night with a deep cluster of stary universes stretched out far and wide.

"Now we eat" called Gary. Somehow and completely unnoticed to Mila and myself, Stewy and Fran had prepared a
feast for our eyes. We ate and laughed and ate plenty more. Gary gave his orders to sleep, "for tommorrow always
brings more that we are ready for. You will need your energy. I will need your assistance so if you thought you were
along for a pleasure cruise, I am sorry to have led you astray. Sleep now my youthful adventurers. Stewy and Fran
will have breakfast a plenty for you in the morn.

Gary checked the drive of Hi-Sun and then assured that we had all that was needed to set down for the night. Mila
and I just snuggled in and dreamed off to the smooth speed of Hi-Sun.

The peaceful skies showed nothing ahead other than clean sailing. What could this tiny and unarmed team be heading
for. Tommorrow is a new day.

Chapter 5

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

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