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Lord of Water Chapter 11

Lord of Water.

We both walked back to the control deck and found Mila peacefully talking to Hi-Sun. They both were doing an
amazing job together with Hi-Sun smoothly carving a line through the swell.

"What our our plans for the day my lord" Gary asked. "I know we are growing close now to the high point of our
furthest orbit. What is it exactly that you have to acheive when we get there?"

"Well Gary, I completely trust you, but for me to know that what we are dealing with ahead of us may be more than
both of us are able to deal with, I must take you out of any mistery you may have about this amazing planet."

Gary looked intent and ready to receive what I was about to land upon him.

"We are spiritual beings Gary, and I can see that you have a natural ability as a spirit of the sea. You are more
than a one life man and obviously with the harmony you share with the sea and all those about you, this is not
new news. But the planets and universe itself is not as such. It is not some wonderful "Mother of All" that will
take care of us and bring us all along a "destiny" that we are in no control of.

This universe was placed here by us. It has finite balances and can be toppled over if subjected to excessive
forces of the wrong kind. Our destiny is in our hands and although this planet may appear all too large and
magnificent for any of us make a difference, this definitely is not the case.

We have placed this planet and other such water planets in a tightly balanced equalibrium that spans in and locks
across each section of the universe. Each one is dependable to each other in more ways that we could ever imagine
in the state that we are in. But beleive me Gary, should this planet ever topple over and spatter across the spans
of the skies, the catastrophic effects are far more reaching than the lives of this planet alone.

Such an unbalancing would not be swift, but once the other water planets of this sector began to topple, the
rippling effect across the eons will be more than we will ever be able set straight. The task itself will be quite
simple in the days to follow, but as simple as it may be, the lives of billions and that of all other water
planets depend on what we do here and now with this calibration.

You see, it is all what is called electronic. The techology of this planet is all that is needed to sustain and
continue a harmonious and balance civilization. Our draw boats are such a spiritual technology as are the other
incredible technologies of this wonderful and clean planet. We have been lucky enough here to have passed
straight by and over the technology of electrical devises and the like.

Our planets themselves sit in a lovely equilibrium which was also set in place at a spiritual level. But below
this we have a monitoring system in place that is purely electronic. It is nothing more that a machine that holds
the message of this planet in place and monitors any dangers of threats that may unbalance what we here have."

"So what are we looking for my young lord?" asked Gary.

"At the outer most orbit of this planet, there is a point where we reach the furthest distance from our Lady Sun.
At this very exact point we have the closest internal location of the planet that is directly in line. It is that
day when the cycle of this planet turns for one more year and right at that pivital moment we almost stand still.
Right there we will find the Pod.

The Pod is just an electronic device that monitors the calibration of this planet and has within itself an inbuilt
prediction of the balance of this sector of the universe for a million years to come at the time of any setting.
When the setting is clear for another million years and only then, that is the time that my task is complete. It is
a simple task, but when and only when we have bought yet one more million years of equilibrium."

"So let's buy one now my young Lord of Water. We have all the powers of the sea at our side. Our Dorsal Pilots are
the mightiest of all the ocean and all we have, it appears, is this scurvy school of slicer sharks hanging by
waiting for remnants to pick off of what are just not going to be there. They will go hungry."

I knew that I had chosen my man the very moment I caught his eye back on the docks. This is the fun and there
really are no odds against us with our spirits joined in such a wonderful game. We all smiled and gleamed out into
the horizon. We now shared the feeling of the last drawing in on our location. The agreement was within us
all and down below our Dorsal Pilot team glowed in confidence for what we were about to acheive.

Agreement is the most powerful force that we have. Our
Lord of Water
, now truely enjoying himself and as certain as he had ever been, was gearing up to execute the
biggest moment of this life.

Follow our Lord of Water into the "Final Task" of Chapter 12.

Copyright 2008. Author Mike King

The ultimate Drinking Water!

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