Friday, February 20, 2009

Lord of Water Chapter 2

Mila sat up as if suddenly startled from the edge of sleep. She looked at me lying there awake and said " Show me."
I understand what you have to do, so how are you going to be strong enough to make it right?

Lord of Water.

I led her to the bathroom and started to fill the sink with water. I know that it normally takes a few years to
orient myself and to rehabilitate my power of water, but it gets stronger each time I exercise this ability.

As the sink filled I turned off the tap and placed both hands in and cupped them together. I opened them out flat
and lifted them slowly. The water formed up around my hands and I just lifted the large blob of water into the air.
I weilded it into lovely swirling forms and just played with the motion and changing forms.

I suddenly noticed Mila's stunned gaze in the mirror and started to laugh. The water fell to the sink and splashed
all over the two of us. Mila screamed in hysterics and we both just stood there laughing at each other for another
five minutes.

Mila tried to talk, but just kept bursting out with laughter. So I threw a dry towel at her and went out to get some
cold drinks for us both. Mila drank and smiled and chuckled and drank some more, just shaking her head in either
disbeleif or amazement.

She then asked "How much can you do with this? And what else can you do?" "Well, it get stronger the more I work
with it. It is sort of an effortless thing. The harder I try or more serious I get, the less it seems to work and
it actually makes me feel tired. But if I just enjoy the motion and play with it, it feels like I could make a
tidal wave or something. It just feels so easy. I am not really sure how far it can go. I think that its totally up
to me. Kind of cool hey?"

Mila walked over to me smiling and just climbed onto me. I walked back to the bedroom with her wrapped around me
like a little spider monkey and we both snuggled falling into deep sleep.

The next morning I woke to the sound of a busy house. Mila was cooking breakfast and seemed to be busy with
cleaning and rearranging stuff all over the place. I strolled out and asked "What's happening?" Mila looked at me
in the way that she does to make me feel like an idiot and said "Come on! Get busy. We can't do what has to be done
just loafing around here! Can we?"

We spent the next week packing up the place and organising for Mila's sister to watch over our place as our journey
began. We spent some time with our family saying good bye. This sure is the place that we'll come home to when
all the work's done.

We travelled across the peninsula to the port ways of the water people. After a good nights sleep at a friendly
bed and breakfast, we walked through the fish market and into the moorings. This is a busy port and the strong
oily smell of the fish market carried with it an industry of many millenia.

We turned out to the second main jetty and looked down the line of long, swift draw boats. Dozens of proud
water spirits sweyed and motioned with the light ebb and flow of the swell seeping into the bay. The generation
of the water people is all expressed right here in the essence of these glorious lengths of pride. A draw boat
pulls its energy and speed from the motion of the swell and is somehow able to hold this energy for calmer, easy

We walked about a third of the way along the wharf and out strolled a young master of the sea. He gave us a warm
smile and gently said "I'm pleased that you've finally arrived. I've been waiting quite a while now. We sure do
have a long way to go."

Mila and I looked at each other in amazement. How could this guy have any idea about anything?

Have Mila and our young lord been lead into some type of trap? Or is this young sea master the key to the start of
an amazing journey. The tides will tell. Read on to follow the journey.

Lord of Water Chapter 3.

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

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