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Lord of Water Chapter 6

"This day has been the most amazing experience of my life" I told Gary. The ocean is a thousand times more
powerful and abundant that I ever could have imagined and already I completely feel a part of it. Gary just smiled
at me which his warm acknowledging eyes.

Lord of Water.

"The night will fall soon and we will dine under the wonder of a trillion stars." Gary spoke with warm excitement.
"Stewy and Fran! Time to prepare an ocean feast fit for our Lord and his lady."

"Well "my lord"" Spoke Mila. "Perhaps there is time for romance and adventure on this journey of such an important
task." She smiled at me very warmly and turned to the front of Hi-Sun to gaze into the direction of our drive.

"What is it about this 'Lord' business that I am suddenly being called by everyone." I thought to myself. The more
I travelled with Gary, the more I felt he completely knew what had landed us here on his Draw Boat. Perhaps tonight
we could find time to talk a bit more and see if he actually was taking me seriously or just if this was the way
that he made all of his customers feel.

Lady Sun once again set out ahead of us and we chased her tail into the horizon as she slipped away for another
night. The stars thickened and thickened and over Gary's shoulder a long tailed falling star traced it's descent
down and over the horizon. "We have a second moon joining us tonight my young travellers. She will be up later in
the evening and will dull the stars some what. So until she comes, enjoy the stars as they glow.

Stewy and Fran brought their kitchen hot plates to the deck and lay out the food for an open dinner. Fran then
lifted and brought across a quiver of large fresh fish all strung together. "I didn't see you pick those up at
the markets Fran." Fran just gestured to the ocean many lengths below the deck of our Hi-Sun. Somehow either Stewy
or Fran had managed to hook onto some fresh fish without any of us even noticing.

"Perhaps tommorrow you can show me how to catch fish from such a high level. It should be fun." Gary laughed and
said "don't take too many, for Stewy and Fran both take very highly to the value of their work." "Would one or two
be ok with you Fran?" Fran smiled and seemed to acknowledge that it would be fine. "So tommorrow it is!" I

We laughed and feasted and laughed some more with Stewy and Fran giving us raucous entertainment of dances and
crazy clown play enactments. Mile laughed and joined in with a jig of her own. We all settled as our second moon
hit the horizon and suddenly seemed to place a lowered feel into the skies above us. I caught Gary as he seemed
to have a slightly disturbed look upon his face looking up at an angle above and into the heavens. He then caught
my stare.

"It is an evening worthy of your presence my Lord. Our second moon truely is a mass of magnitude. I sometimes
wonder how we manage to keep her in our orbit."

I looked at the location of Gary's concerned concentration, but was unable to notice any difference in the skies
and heavenly bodies above our heads. Gary looked at me again and then started to speak. "I think that you have some
questions for me my young Lord and I for you. Would you like to make a start?"

Mila came to sit beside me and took my leg around her arm, resting her head.

"You call me Young Lord. I know that you are a man of the ocean and I love your speach of rhyme. But I feel there
is something familiar and expected about the way you have taken us aboard."

Gary sat still for a long while and even smiled at Mila and myself several times nodding in agreement to my
question. I seemed to have asked him exactly the right thing. Gary called to Fran for his pipe and Fran rapidly
served him with a fine timber casing. Gary carefully selected his smoking leaf and ground it gently into his pipe.
He lit the pipe and continued to smile and nod his head in agreement.

"The legend has passed from generation to generation and has gone on to be no more than a lost tail. My mother
was a lady of the spiritual order and I loved her so dearly as she was my true guide and guardian. She was
protector of the book of legend which has been carried for longer that our records are able to show. She instilled
within my learnings that there are moments of which duty just comes about. They mostly go unnoticed by the masses,
but they are as reel to existance and the survival of our planet as the air we breathe.

When this moment comes along, you will know it. Do not doubt for an instant for what you feel is absolutely real
and it is that beleif in life and your ability to perceive of which cannot be ignored. To do so could be the end
of you in more ways than you could possible imagine and the effect of such ignorance spreads it's ramifications
far and wide. So do not at any time ignore the knowingness that you have for it is as real as I stand here before
you now."

She told me "'You are gifted my son in more ways than you can ever imagine and when the time comes for you to
fulfill your duty and responsibility of who you are, you will know. You will know.'"

My mother and love of my life passed on not too long ago. But I have not forgotten for even one moment that the
day would come and I knew with certainty that I would know.

She was right. I woke early yesterday morn and placed my hand on Hi-Sun to assure her that she was ready too. Mila
and yourself walked straight through the many unchartered draw boats. The drivers of them all just seemed to fall
into a timeless silence and you both came straight to my guide. I know what I see my Lord and I am here as your
guide and protector. My Hi-Sun and cheerful crew may not be much, but he are devoted to your purpose and will die
before we see anything come before you."

Gary sat back and relaxed into his deck chair with his pipe. He looked satisfied that he had answered me complete
and now without having to say a word I received his question of what it was that I was here to do.

"I am Lord of Water. My duty is to calibrate and protect all water planets across this sector of the universe.
The preciousness of such is all that is able to sustain life. For without water there is neither life nor an
atmosphere that is suitable to breath. There are many, but they are far apart. For this universe is vast and the
dead masses in their abundance make them appear but few.

I have lost none and would die forever before even one could be raped of its precious resourse. Each one an
incredible jewel and source of life in abundance with magical beauty. My reward is a lifetime and fun as we
have had today. But the chore must and has to be carried out. For without calibration, this planet may tip or even
lay open the threat from not so friendly parasitical forces.

We must find her highest point. The Apex of the longest day, pointed high and open to the sun. For there lays the
pod. How it works, I will remmember when I can once again sight her control. And once set, this wonderful
water planet will lay protected for another million rotations
around the sun. If I am late but one day, she could be found and the risk of her being broken, raped or stolen is
as high a stake as every man, woman, child and every living creature on this planet. But the ramifications also
reach further than this planet and would start an unbalancing across all water planets of this sector.

I feel that we are well on time with our once again calibration, but until I see the face of the pod, I will only
then know that all is ok or what has to be done. For when my work is complete, it is back to fun and frolicking
with my lady and now I feel I have gained some new life long friends."

Chapter 7.

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

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