Friday, February 20, 2009

Lord of Water Chapter 3

I hadn't really paid much attention to the industry of the ocean and had only read about it and covered the subject
in study. This life had been a bit of a rest for this lord of water so far.

Lord of Water.

Drawings from text really don't, or can't, illustrate the power and magnetism of the ocean. As the Draw Boats all
swayed and arched together I could suddenly see the life of these long spirited gallions. All poised together in
the quiet movement of the bay.

Gary guided us through the draw boat that was soon to become our champion and defender as we strike our journey
into an adventure that poses possibly more than this well equiped and seasoned weapon of the sea can face up to.

Her name is Hi-Sun. She will care for you with great effection, calm your sole as she slicks her shape across our
journey and she will fight to the end to match the spirit of any storm Mother Ocean may place across our path. We
will go now to the markets to complete our stocks, for our journey begins before the evening falls. Our lady sun
set is the path we follow and we'll chase her into the stary skies.

Mila was smiling and so was I. Hi-Sun felt magnificent. Warm and trusting and a feeling of strength with confidence
or loyalty or just some touching wavelength I am unable to find a word for. She isn't the biggest or most modern of
the many others lined up and ready, but she radiated some type of wisedom that had already made her our own.

"So we have a rhyming fisherman" Mila giggled with a wisper. "I am sure that the mildest of days will become the
dramatic ocean tales and timeless legend of many generations to come."

She was still smiling. Me as well. We followed Gary's two trusty deck hands into the markets and assisted with the
stock along with a few choices of our own. Our two cheaky deck hands, Stewy and Fran, would dissappear at the
slightest turn of a head and then be there at our sides with other mystical and strange supplies piling up on our

"Everyone here looks like they are about to burst out laughing." Said Mila "I feel it too and I know I could just
suddenly burst out laughing. But I don't have to and nobody else actually is. It feels amazing."

I just smiled and I didn't need to say a word for Mila to fully know what I had said. The only way I can explain
the tone of this place is total cheekiness. This is a timeless, strong community and with the architecture and feel
of the townscape, has been here for many many milleniums past.

I knew with certainty that Gary, his Hi-Sun and our two cheeky deck hands, that I had chosen well. It wasn't clear
to me yet why I needed this tool, but one thing was certain. My direction was out and beyond the setting sun. I now
had the partnership that could take me one step closer to my life purpose task at hand.


Our youthful and still as yet innocent
Lord of Water
was right in his observation. The people of the bay were exceptional. Their community and value
was that of milleniums beforehand with an inground culture and a balanced moral code.

In fact, this is all that he had observed. A peaceful water planet with family, community, industry and a sense of
value for the spirit of man. The lands of the sphere are all in abundance with international trade, respect and
competition truely in the spirit of play. Nothing more that a few local young bucks testing each others strength
on a Friday night after a few ales being the heaviest concern of the law.

In such an oasis, what else could there be need for? And was it really necessary for our Lord of Water to check
it over to protect this precious resource? These "should" be peaceful times and a future with no "threat" in sight.

Will this journey be a simple task? This is what our Lord of Water is wishing for.

Lord of Water Chapter 4.

The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

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