Friday, February 20, 2009

Lord of Water

For the life of this universe, there have been a chosen few who have taken the responsibility of its growth and
creation to ensure that a stable environment has been provided for the phenomena and interaction of life force
beings that have chosen to take their journey through time and into this arena.

Lord of Water.

With the continual lives and billions and trillions of other amazing life forms, there were just a few stable
agreements that had to, no matter what the cost, stay in place so that these dynamics could continue their
creation and achieve the purpose of their goals.

Balance, Energy, Space, Water, Thermal Star Heat, Biological Entities and Atmosphere to just name a few are the
main stable requirements for this universe and its various sectors. It began as a light joke that each of these
responsible beings would be the Lords of protection. Lord of Balance, Lord of Energy, Great Thermal Lord of Suns
and as we follow the adventures of our dedicated warrior in this grand adventure, we meet Lord Of Water.

His responsibility has been named as preservation, calibration and protection of water planets of this universe.
A simple and rewarding task, but as he has found upon the landing on these various precious planets he continually
finds himself faced with dark beings that somehow penetrated their way into this universe wreaking havoc and
destroying the lives and creations of all about them including themselves.

This adventure is no exception. A peaceful and precious planet, blessed with the flourishing growth of a luscious
global rainforest covering and amazing wild life forms, what appears to be a gorgeous environment of tranquillity
and nirvana is once again being insidiously infiltrated with plans for a global unbalancing by yet another hidden
being of evil motive and plans.

How can a Lord living as a mere mortal and with the youth and playfulness that he has grown so fond off overcome
unknown and threatening forces with light years of advanced technology, with little more than his cunning and the
natural forces of this planet as his aid?

Travel the journey through the eyes of our Lord Of Water as he once again is faced with incomprehensible evil. In a land where the unspoken word says all and generations of good clan deserve to prevail and live in harmony for so many more generations to come.

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The ultimate Drinking Water!

Author Mike King Lord of Water

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