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Lord of Water Chapter 13

Lord of Water.

Today all five of us shared breakfast. We are right on the key location now and there is no way possible that any
one of us would be able to sleep through this day. We have one chance to crack the Pod. To miss today means
"Come Back Next Year!". Not a hope in hell. This time next year I am gonna be cruisin. This planet is loafing
paradise and with a woman life Mila there is not a single way I can think of I would rather load away the rest of
my days.

"We get one hit at this guys. The Pod is extremely precise. All I am doing is to check that the calibration is
all clear and this big beautiful planet will drift around this georgeous Lady Sun for another 1 Million rotations.
My Dorsal Pilots will ensure my protection with the greatest of confidence. They are pacing below in anticipation
for a day that will set them free and guarantee more generation to come than either one of them can comprehend.

All I ask of you Gary is that you hold our Hi-Sun in tight on the highest point while I do my work. We have a
larger gang of Slicer Sharks that have somehow tracked in on us, waiting to scavenge my remains. It is not going to
happen, but I never underestimate the viscious potential of such entities. Our Dorsal Pilots well know what we are
dealing with, even though the slicers play their role in the chain of life, they too are aware of their strange
knowingness and will never let their guard slip against suck cold preying creatures."

Mila smiled and showed me not the smallest quiver of fear. Gary stood solid and placed his hand on Hi-Sun to
reasure me that she was completely up to the task. Our little deck hands, Stewy and Fran, just kept the flow of
food moving and cleaning up as we spoke. We shared Mill Tea and joked for a while before I stood to take the lead.

"Well Gary, I suppose it is time to show you how I will reach the depths of the Pod. We are today at the highest
peak of water. Within a few hours we will be sitting closest to the sun that is possible for any one point on the
ocean surfaces of the planet. But this planet is unique. At this very moment each year we have a perfect equilibrium
of our three moons. The largest of our trio will itself sit directly above us holding the tide in it's full draw
pulling the tides of the planet towards her.

At this very moment of equilibrium we have a peak of the orbital elipse. From then afterwards, every single
particle of us and all that is part of this planetary mass will fall away and continue to do so for half of the
year until we begin our journey back to this high point once again. The eclipse is coinsident with the equilibrium
of our orbit. This has been occuring now for billions and billions of years and I entend for this to continue for
billions more to come.

We all sat with our biggest moon high in the sky and drawing in closer to our Lady Sun closing towards midday.
Below the Dorsal Pilots slowed along with Hi-Sun holding the space around our keel. The Slicer Sharks had again
grown in numbers and seemed more aware of what was taking place. More than I could ever have imagined for such
spiritless hunting entities. There was a certain hum of energy about their circling pattern. They were holding
their wall of attack close at bay, waiting for what looked like an inevitable strike.

I know these Dorsals and I know that they are worthy of this task. Otherwise the slicers would have already taken
the keel area. The respect or more so fear the Slicers carried for our Dorsals was inherant of millions of years
and was above their own reactive control. The large moon drew in closer and began to cast a shadow across the span
of the horizon.

I looked to Gary and Mila. We knew that it was almost time. I stood at the point of Hi-Sun with my feet spread
across some foot space of the deck fittings. The moon closed in under the sun and would be within moments casting a
full black sky directly beneath Lady Sun. I pointed the spirit of my body like a water spear. Hi-Sun slowed into
position and I dove a high arch out over her and turning down towards my Dorsal Pilot escort awaiting on the
ocean surface below.

I held my line and drew up directly to the front of my main Dorsal. to the sides of my vision I could also see the
instant closing of the Slicer Sharks pressuring the outer limits of our area. My main man was waiting for me
calm and solid. As I struck the water pearcing with a clear sharp water arrow formed around me, I pearced long and
deep as my Dorsal hugged in against my chest and became a part of me. We drove down deep and fast into the deep
blue below.

The other dorsals all formed in around us as we pushed into the depths. Our time is very limited, but I was
confident as we moved down with constant speed.

Could such an intense dive with such unwanted and vicous company go this smoothly for our
Lord of Water

Recalling the Pod -
Lord of Water Chapter 14
. Location.

Copyright 2008. Author Mike King

The ultimate Drinking Water!

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