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Lord of Water Chapter 8

I woke before sunrise and noticed a change in the pressure of the air. I walked out of our sleeping
quarters and found Gary standing at the side rail. Stewy and Fran were both at the helm guiding
Hi-Sun and looking busy.

Lord of Water.

"Can you feel the change?" Garry cried without even turning to see that I had come out behind him. "We
are closening to the high pont of our planet as well as the centre core of this pressure system. It
is said that the pressure system will locate and generate the main roaring swells of the ocean on a
continual basis as we approach and resead from the longest day." I walked to stand beside Gary at the rail.

I looked at Gary and said "I can feel it now and we are within hours of our destiny. I still haven't figured
out how I will get to the location that I am looking for as it lies directly on the pinnacle of the high point,
possibly 50 leagues beneath the surface."

"You are a wilder man than I young Lord. I have no idea what you have in mind or how powerful you are. But I
am behind you with all of my heart and I tell you here that you can count on me to the very death if that is
what it takes." Gary gave me a good solid stare and turned his mouth just enough to entice my smile.

"You know I have a feeling that getting to the locations really won't be too much of a problem, that is when I
figure that 'minor detail' out, but I know that this journey is travelly very smoothly and from my feelings
and recall of my past gone tasks, this journey may just have some little surprises in stall that we never would
have counted upon. We are surrounded by freindship and good power, let's keep our minds on the decision that
this is how the rest of our mission will stand."

Gary nodded and then scampered up Stewy and Fran to prepare themselves for some sleep. "You have done another
good nights work my two little starlings, Get yourselves some sleep, for possibly tonight we close in on the
peak of our journey. I need your wits about you both. Each one of you ready to dance on your toes."

The ocean swells had changed so much now. The wind had dropped and instead of the long lines spanning the
horizon we now had fatter standing mountains with curves curling out of sight and losing the lines of each other
in bulging, swollen curves of lifting water. We seemed to be at the generation point of these long driving
lines. As we passed over them they seemed to accelerate away out from behind our path of which we had just
came. We must be nearing the centre of the pressure system within a short time.

Mila also woke and came to stand beside me. The Lady Sun still had not cracked the horizon, but the light of a
powerful clear day already luminated that sky. "We are getting closer aren't we my Lord?"

I nodded and held her a little closer to enstill my feeling of confidence upon her. Mila just smiled and
sort of held in a laugh of something she just thought of. "Today is going to be a big one, isn't it" I smiled
back and agreed. "It certainly is my love. I am excited and feel like stepping out of myself. It is time for
me to show this planet what I am made of."

Just as I was about to express a little more warning of wild expectancy, Gary called out loud and sharp. "My

Lord of Water
. Down below! Left and right hovering wide at each side. These are not friendly fellows."

Out to either side there were sleak and gliding slicing sharks. There shinning skins sparkly the reflections
of clean water and morning sky. Silvering glistens sparkled and darted in groups of dozens and they pushed
on the outer limits of our Dorsal Pilots. Each of them had sharp and peircing slender bodies with their cold
and lightning fast eyes glistening in awareness of the Dorcal Pilots at out keel and also in recognition of
us far far above.

"They fear the Dorcal Pilots as they have the supreme power and knowledge of our sea. But they cannot be trusted
for one second. They are both dirty scavengers and capable of visious attack at the same time. I have seen them
in groups of three and four. But never had them closed in on either side with such intention as they are here
today. Nobody down there is feeding, so I cannot quite see what it is that they are following us for."

Gary then took control of the helm and ushered Stewy and Fran both off to sleep.

"My lady. Come to the helm and I will show you how a dear Hi-Sun feels at the helm." Gary took Mila between
his arms and showed her the control and guidance of our Hi-Sun. Mila smiled and gave Hi-Sun her due respect.

Gary looked at me and once again gave me that cheaky, but at the same time, reassuring smile. "You will make
it my lord and your lady is going to be fine." I received his message without a single spoken word. I
wished that I had such certainty of what I was yet to actually do.

It seemed that the peacefulness and freindly spirit of their journey had taken a darker tone. Our Lord of
Water did know within himself that the task set before him would not just fall in his lap and leave him with
one more restful and easy lifetime of fun without such challenge. Or would the task of this life time be
possible for such a lord in a mere mortal body.

Stay tuned as the journey really tests our young Lord.

Chapter 9

Copyright 2008. Author Mike King

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