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Lord of Water Chapter 7

Lord of Water Chapter 7 - The Direction of Our Journey.

We spent another evening just having fun and admiring the incredible skies. Number two moon was now high in the
sky and the weight of her had seemed to have lifted. The distance to universes of stars had opened up again and
we felt not so quashed.

Lord of Water.

"We have about two more days until we reach the high point young
Lord of Water
. But when we get there I have no idea what you will have to do. There are no land marks within
a day and to locate the exact point would be quite difficult for myself and Hi-Sun.

Gary seemed to have changed his deminor from our cheaky guide for a romantic cruise to our loyal and dedicated
guardian. A slightly more serious or should I say powerful tone had come about him, but in the same breath he
still showed the exudence of a cheaky suppressed chuckle.

"I never really quite know until I get there as to how I handle what has to be done. Just that whenever I get into
the location, it comes to me and I fully regain my ability. Come and I will show you what I mean."

I brought Gary over to the tap and filled a glass of water. I took a sip and gave him a serious look of expectancy.
Then I swalled my mouthful and smiled. Gary rolled his eyes and gave me a "Well, Come on!" gesture.

I opened my left hand and poured the glass of water and held it there in my hand for him. "The water just floats
beautifully. I am able to move and guide it as I please.

It is more like my friend than just some dead liquid that obeys me. Water was created by life and it itself
contains life as any living thing does. We take our precious fluid for granted using it for what ever purposes we
choose. And it just forgives us again and again and again.

But it does have a purpose that it continually, constantly and knowlingly acheives to flow towards purity and
hydrations so that it is always able to assist the production and support of life over and over again.

When we or some other force prevent this from occuring, it gets upset and although unseen to us, becomes deeply
enturbulated within its structure and life animation qualities. For he is our true friend and when we prevent or
abuse this freindship he naturally becomes upset. He actually then behaves just like an upset, protesting worker
and life just doesn't seem to generate and flourish around him.

But don't worry, he can always be cheered up and this lovely water here is definitely bright and bubbly. You
watch him now as he reads my thoughts."

Gary got very interested with the water sitting in my hand as it lifted and leaned forward in the direction of
Hi-Sun's bow. "Come and stand beside me Gary and I will show you what he tells us."

I took Gary under my right arm with both of us looking over the line of the water's new shape. he had formed a
lovely curved arrow shape pointing just to the left of our current course.

He is pointing to the high point of the planet. This is the exact closest point that we come to our Lady Sun
on the longest day of the year. We are getting closer and he will guide and ensure us with certainty when we have
reached our destination."

Gary roared a mighty laugh and called for Stewy and Fran to prepare our room for comfortable bedding down. "Come
on you scarpers, Our Lord and his fine Mila need rest for our journey. Busy, busy!"

Stewy and Fran scampered into our sleeping quarters to touch up before bed.

I took the glass in my right hand and brought my hands together so that the water could slide back inside without
losing a drop. I jestured towards Gary but he now seemed fearful to take or drink something that was now alive.

"He is your friend. His purpose is of life and you, my dear guide, have life if I ever saw it. He will provide you
with life and may you never be the same again."

Gary was speakless and took the glass drinking every last drop. Mila and I spent some time holding each other and
talking in the awe of the expansive skies. Mila whispered; "Let me take you to bed my wonderful
Lord of Water
. For I feel that tommorrow has more surprises waiting for us and we both need to sleep."

Will this romantic journey continue with such ease and peaceful adventure? On such a powerful ocean and drawing
closer in on the final destiny, the forces of destiny may really start to move.

Published 4th December 2008. Copy Right Michael King. Sydney Australia.

Chapter 8.

The ultimate Drinking Water!

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