Friday, February 20, 2009

Lord of Water Chapter 9

Stewy and Fran dissapeared to their quarters after a full night at the helm. Somewhere between, Gary must have
snuck in some sleep for he was fully awake and on the job. He gave conrol of Hi-Sun cross to Mila and gestured that
he would not be long. Mila looked calm and confident and Hi-Sun didn't flinch one bit.

Lord of Water.

Leaning over port side I caught the attention of our main dorsal pilot. He seemed to be holding the line with his
team comfortably, gliding in harmony with our driving keel. The slicer sharks kept out wide on either side. Although
giving the apparency of a constant danger, they demonstrated a definite fear and respect of our dorsal pilots
braving only the outer limits of our driving wake.

I wasn't able to see why our pilots would be such a threat other than them just holding their space with such
boldness and confidence.

He definitely was the one as I consistently caught his attention and observed how he commanded his team. A being
with such grace and power is such a magnificent thing to be a party of. I completely know that he was talking
with me and I with him. He could just duplicate my thoughts and I his. I asked him if I could have some small
demonstration and he rolled on his side to look directly into my eye. This was a "Yes"

I asked my power friend if he could place four of his pilots on the outer side of himself and have them all in a
spearhead line one, two, three and four beside him. One at a time they slot into formation like the one sided wing
of a pearcing arrow head. I couldn't beleive it as this occured so instantly that it felt as though they themselves
were each one of them following my command.

I looked back to my fine leader and thanked him with the greatest of confidence. He rolled and the other four
all turned and swirled with him generating a now driving twisting spearhead with he himself the central projectile.
I had now been fully acknowledge and had no doubt that I would now have the ability and the team behind me to reach
the location of my destiny.

Lord of Water
had made an incredible step forward in allying the dorsal pilots and forming a formidable team.
But with his destination far beneath the surface, how would he himself be able to reach these incredible and
treachorous depths.

Follow our Lord of Water into the challenges of
Chapter 10

Copyright 2008. Author Mike King

The ultimate Drinking Water!

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